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onigiri_caps's Journal

fangirly flavored onigiri

Onigiri Screencaptures
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Origin @ OC
Onigiri (御握り; おにぎり) A food made of white rice formed into triangular or oval shape and often wrapped in nori. Usually, onigiri are filled with pickled plums, salted salmon and pretty boys.
The history of Onigiri Screencaptures has no special twists or enlightening moments. It was a simple idea sparked out of boredom, common interest and a sudden love towards VLC Media Player. Those Two Fangirls figured if they were taking the time to screencap videos, dramas and movies for their own dubious needs, why not share it with the fangirls and graphic makers of the cyber world?
Ama Chan
A 22 year old college student with bad habits; procrastination being one of them. Often resorts to drinking massive amounts of coffee to keep herself awake while doing last moment homework, all the while obsessing over that last drama occupying her hard drive that has remained unwatched due to life's pesky troubles.
Easily summed up as a crazy-ass fangirl; sweet with a bit of a kick, like wasabi chocolate (which is actually quite good). At 20 years old, her interests include music, boys (particularly Ikuta Toma), writing, RPing, and watching doramas (usually ones suggested by Ama Chan), and she is frequently a culprit in keeping Ama Chan awake until obscene hours of the morning.

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